Healing Strategy Plan

for Foundational Healing​


Over the decades, the foods we consume have undergone significant altercations: the topic of food is a rabbit hole too deep to dive into however, coupled with the radiation we live in from our cell phones, Wi-Fi, and digital streaming, our body’s homes are truly at war. We are miraculously made, and the internal systems we have to run our homes are mind-boggling. However, due to the war, we find ourselves in, often we must rebuild, and in any home renovation, it takes time and diligence. That’s where beytOMR comes in: we couple with you, like a general contractor, helping you assess the damage,  make a plan for the remodel, and then we get to work alongside you on rebuilding your home. Your home, it contains the most important thing about you: your soul. How your body is functioning, or lack thereof, is of utmost importance to the most unique thing about what makes you, you. 

That’s the framework and the passion that we design a Healing Strategy from when we outline the following suggestions for helping you rebuild your house. Let’s get started! 

Phase 1
Testing & Damage Assessment

Pathogen Frequency Scan utilizing the Firefly Clinic Pro, Photobiomodulation (PBM) Low Light Laser Therapy to assess pathogen load. This test will be done in person, and once we have the test results, we will run the frequencies of pathogens found through the PBM modulator. We run treat your body by running these specific pathogenic frequency loads you tested for in three places: cranium, spine, and abdomen.

Hormone Profile test from Great Plains Labs or Quality Lab Tests: Hormones play a major function in your body regardless of age, and if imbalanced or too low, then anything we try to stabilize via the Firefly PBM therapy or supplementation simply will not work optimally. Hormones are chemicals that function as messengers of the body, and if we cannot or are not getting our messages, then no amount of therapy/treatment will reverse health issues. Once we get the test results back, we create a plan utilizing natural hormone replacement to help balance your home’s message center.

Phase 2
Prepping the Body Laying the Foundation for the House

Healing Serum from beytOMR the unique components of this serum are the enzymes, proteins, and amino acids, which bolster your immune system while helping decrease inflammation in the body. The constituent enzymes are produced by microbes (microscopic organisms) colonized in a proprietary technology referred to as a “Bioreactor.” The Bioreactor contains an exclusive media that produces near saturation levels with various species of microbes. There has been no genetic modification of any microbe or any organism in any part of the manufacturer’s process. For PBM to work optimally, beytOMR Healing Serum is highly recommended and ideally begun use before your first light therapy treatment. 

Standard Process Supplement Program A diet rich in a variety of complex nutrients is key to optimal health. The ingredient combinations found in Standard Process nutritional supplements provide a spectrum of nutrients to support multiple organs and systems in the body, and the effect of these supplements is generally instantly noticeable. Generally, you only need to take one bottle of the recommended protocol in order to promote healing within the body. We know no other supplement provider with as much impact on the body as Standard Process.
Phase 3
Photobiomodulation (PBM) Turning the Lights on in the House

Firefly Clinic Pro F-Scan and Generator. Based on the results of the F-Scan, and how far along you are with supplementation and needed natural hormones, we can then together assess how many sessions are appropriate to get your home in order.

We look forward to helping you renovate your house to what you visualize it to be.

– beytOMR: house of fruit & promise