I Hate Covid19.


I thought of titling this with a much more sophisticated or philosophical title – but that isn’t necessarily my style. I hate Covid19, SARS-Cov 2, C19, the novel Corona Virus – whatever “Science” wants to call it, I hate it. And I seem to know way too much about it, or maybe I just think I do.

Before I get started on my tirade of why I hate it, I have some breaking news: did you know that on August 11th, 2022, the CDC, very quietly and without much media coverage, informed the world of its new stance on C19?


 “CDC’s COVID-19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a person’s vaccination status because breakthrough infections occur, though they are generally mild, and persons who have had COVID-19 but are not vaccinated have some degree of protection against severe illness from their previous infection.” (Senger, 2022)

Some degree of protection?! Are you kidding me right now?! I tested for two times the necessary antibodies to protect myself from reinfection! I’d say that’s a degree of protection!

For years now, we’ve been told by “Science” we’re less-than for not getting vaccinations, the colossal-level division has occurred within communities and families, and people have lost jobs while waiting to see if vaccinations for C19 actually work. While breakthrough cases were interesting to watch skyrocket in numbers, in the past twenty-nine months, we’ve been in lockdown and shamed, and in the United States, the C19 plague raged on and changed many lives, including my own.

September 5th, 2021, I got the ‘Rona. I was so so so sick. It was a total game-changer. That bug turned my world upside-down. When I got covid, my 77-year-old mother with Parkinson’s disease was living with me. She got C19 too. She was hospitalized, I wasn’t, and we both barely made it through.

I experienced every single symptom that’s listed for C19. Sixteen days of a 101+ fever with an intense dry cough and four weeks of headaches so extreme that they were worse than migraines. What’s worse? I also had vomiting and diarrhea, vomiting that was sporadic and unexpected. I was weak, fatigued, had no taste or smell, no appetite, my joints ached, and more. For six weeks, I was in misery because of C19.

My mom’s central nervous system was significantly impacted. Unlike myself, she had no pulmonary symptoms, but her nervous system issues led to gastrointestinal problems. For five months, she lost the ability to stand and walk because of her Parkinson’s disease. I was her caretaker during that time, and looking back, I wish I had had more patience with her.

Twenty-two years ago, I began my healing journey with alternative medicine after slow-leak appendicitis. There was no sudden burst but a slow, twelve-hour leak into my chest cavity. What’s the relevance to my appendicitis and my hatred for C19? Because my appendicitis impacted my vagus nerve, which is a key nerve issue for my C19 experience and leads us to my main frustration with C19… LONG-HAUL COVID19.

What is Post-Acute-Sequelae SARS-Cov-2 (PASC), or Long-Haul Covid19? WebMD has an official definition, but my definition is hell. I will not dignify Long-Haul Covid19 with the acronym “Science” has given it. Ever since my initial interaction with C19, I have been in a brave new world. Every morning I wake up three hours before I must get out of bed, see if I can get out, and if I can’t, I set my alarm for one hour later in the morning. I lay in bed thinking of how badly I not only want to but need to walk my dogs, stretch my body, go to the grocery store, have a cup of joe, or center my body and mind on the Word of God…but because of my long-haul C19, these tasks might not happen for weeks on end. I feel like I have C19 all the time. I randomly find myself with extremely intense migraines, weakness in my body, and so many other symptoms. I hate C19.

Long-Haul Covid19 is why my hours for beyt OMR are the way they are. I cannot commit to earlier, or I’ll be so weak I’ll collapse on top of you in your session! But don’t pity me. I am fighting back. On my good days, all ten-fourteen of these a month, I go all in. I walk the dogs, get my laundry done, write a blog, and cook some meals. I am so thankful for these two weeks of control over my body I have, but the bad days are bad. I sleep and do not move from my bed, and I have far too many of those days, and I long for less of them.

The research for Long-Haul Covid19 is dodgy. I can give you the info for promising outcomes from Dr. Bruce Patterson and Mt. Sinai in New York, but to combat the enemy of Long-Haul Covid19, I am taking back my ground to overcome this. My ground and my body will be won back with the Creator’s help.

1)Healing Serum from beyt OMR: I don’t just sell this; I USE it. And in both forms, the Serum by mouth and nasal spray. It keeps me going – and it will help you too. Creating that routine is hard, but putting its’ amino acids in your body continuously will help you. The Healing Serum has helped me tremendously and does more than just help with Long-Haul C19.

2)Firefly Sessions: 2 photobiomodulation sessions a week on my abdomen and cranium. The Firefly is moving the dial to recovery much faster than I could imagine.

3)Black Seed Oil: take this if you have had C19. You’ll thank me.

4)EGCG Cytokine Suppressant: I will blog about what Cytokine storms look like in the body. Until I do, and you have had either the vaccine or have experienced C19, or both, a couple of months on EGCG Cytokine Suppressant will help.

5)Vitamin D3 with K2, Zinc 30 ml, and NAC.

6)Natural Progesterone: this deserves its own article and why it helps with Long Haul Covid19 and life in general. You should get some, even if you’re a boy. We’ll talk.

7)B12 Injections: I get these twice a week, and they help.

8)Weekly Glutathione Injections: 400 ml to 600 ml of glutathione injections weekly. To get these, I highly recommend my mentor-doctor-friend, Dr. David Fein. He is an amazing human, a  great doctor, and if you mention me, I get some credit, and Dr. Fein will like me best.

9)Chlorella: this is a binder. People, if you breathe, you need to be on Chlorella or Spirulina or both! I am selling a great one from Wuji Farms that is cleanly farmed and will help keep your system moving the dead stuff out.

10)Ivermectin: I take this twice a week to slow down the Long-Haul Covid19. If you want to do this too, call me, and let’s talk—do not get this from a veterinary supply.

While my business coach is going to be upset with me for listing out my battle plan for the world to see…this is how I make my living. I’m technically defined as a “Wellness Coach,” in which I create a unique plan for your success in your healing journey. But Long-Haul Covid19 stinks, and if this list helps anybody out there overcome the effects of it, we both win.

So all of this is the short version of why I hate C19… it’s been a long battle. We’ve all been struggling in one way or another, so let me hear from you. I cannot promise I will get back to you quickly, especially if it’s one of my bad days, but I will get back to you. Come see me for Firefly treatments (photobiomodulation, low-level-laser-light therapy), we can even do some blood work and see where your levels are at to create a supplement plan for you or use my F-Scan system to scan your pathogen loads (virus, bacteria, and parasites), and we can clean your system out to help you fight back.

While C19 hit us twenty-nine months ago and might have won the battle, we will not lose the war.

Be Well, and Thrive- Ginger.

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