Rucy-Roo & Effels-Too

for healing and protecting your dogs

Rucy-Roo and Effels-Too are two very special dog-o’s; for one thing, they live a very pampered life. We’re sure you wouldn’t understand. But seriously: these two girls literally saved lives, and because they are so very dear, they deserve to be critter-free. And you know what, so does your dog-o. You do NOT have to resort to chemicals to help your beloved dog! You can use “Critters-B-Gone” and get your dog-o’s pest problem under control and a thing of the past. 

Diatomaceous earth is effective against fleas and ticks, and even parasites – it can be used to treat internal parasite infections like roundworms, hookworms, and pinworms. To use diatomaceous earth as your natural treatment for internal parasites, mix it with your dog’s food once a day for at least seven days. For the treatment to be the most effective, it should be continued for 30 days in order to catch all of the newly developing eggs and larvae in addition to the existing adults. 

To ensure you never have an issue with parasites for the lifetime of your beloved dog-o, just continue the use daily; that’s what Rucy-Roo & Effels do!