Healing Serum

for Jumpstarting Your Wellness 

The unique components of this serum are the non-exclusivity of enzymes, proteins, and amino acids, which bolster your immune system while helping decrease inflammation in the body. The constituent enzymes are produced by microbes (microscopic organisms) colonized in a proprietary technology referred to as a “Bioreactor.” The Bioreactor contains an exclusive media near saturation levels with various species of microbes. Within the Bioreactor, various microbes have varying roles in the production process. The process requires accurate temperature, oxygenation, and hydration levels. It depends significantly on clean hydration, with carbon and nitrogen level management paramount. There has been no genetic modification of any microbe or any organism in any part of any of the manufacturer’s processes. This is a powerful detoxifier, as well as an overall immune system supporter. For PBM to work optimally, beytOMR Healing Serum is highly recommended and ideally begun use before your first light therapy treatment.