Our name is intentional to recognize the significance of our bodies

beyt” is a letter in ancient languages that essentially means “house or home,” and our physical bodies are indeed our homes.

OMR represents observance, meditation, and rest. We endeavor to assist you in obtaining OMR for your body’s home and to guide you in a healthful direction.

From our healing serum and healing light, to what you wear and put in your body, and especially how you rest and the joy you surround yourself with your pets, beytOMR is committed to helping you obtain the “home” of your dreams. 

At beytOMR, we recognize that you and your body are a house of fruit & promise. With every interaction, we aim to help you renovate your house to what you hope and visualize it to be, and we hope that vision is health and wellness.

Mission and Purpose

beytOMR: house of fruit & promise is a space of rest and restoration where we aim to provide healing modalities that are from the “real science”: nature. We purposely take the time to teach each person about the causes and effects of a synthetically-charged environment, how to combat the effects of that environment as it has effected their health, and restore the damage at the cellular, emotional, and spiritual levels within the human body. Our goal is ultimately to direct our clients to the Creator and His Pure Light by the ways He designed healing for the physical body.

As beytOMR grows, other tangible lifestyle choices will be added for the wellbeing of your home: a clothing line of linen undergarments and pajamas, freshly milled grained bread, and hormone replacement protocols, to name a few. Most importantly, to begin getting your body’s house in order, we must first switch on the lights. Book your 15-minute consult phone call today! 

beytOMR is a Private Membership Association (PMA) home-based clinic focused specifically on treating disfunction in the body using full spectrum photon LED light therapy. Please take a moment to review the medical white papers, testimonial videos, and the benefits of LED light therapy by visiting the research page.

– beytOMR: house of fruit & promise

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