Toni Meyer

Waco, TX

Toni Meyer

Hello, I’m Toni. I’m glad you’re here.

My story of light begins as a daughter of an electrician in Kansas. I grew up around light bulbs and 3-foot-long spools of wire. I’ve watched as my parents carefully helped choose the right lighting application to illuminate the homes of their customers as well as bringing power to local businesses of all types for decades. They completely renovated an old Sinclair gas station into a family-owned electrical contractor business. Therefore, I grew up learning that our bodies carry electric currents.


I have always been a lifelong learner, kind of a geek of sorts, so it made sense to me to join education; business in my professional background getting a bachelor’s and an MBA. I mixed the two when I began working for both public and private universities in their office of research administration for 15 years.


Then covid happened, and everything changed. My family and I got sick. My best friend’s mom stopped walking. I couldn’t taste or smell; my menstrual cycles were totally changed, and my anxiety was off the charts. It was that year that I switched from assisting others with their research and wanting to do something myself to help. 


My best friend found photobiomodulation. It’s more than just “red light” therapy. It’s the full spectrum of light at a very high milli wattage, matched to the frequency your body needs in order to heal. I found that light is truly healing, and my family and I got significantly better. Best of all, coupled with the Firefly Clinic Pro and my doctors, I have been able to come off SSRI medication, and my anxiety is at the lowest it has ever been.


Out of desperation for light in my own house after a tragic few years of personal trauma and illness, beytOMR was born as yet another family entity, one that has changed my life.

As I said before, I’m glad you’re here. Know you are walking alongside a practitioner who has been there.

We will figure out the next best step together.