So, using light can actually help heal my body?


Why, yes, yes it can! Over 55 Years of Photon Therapy research reveals remarkable, consistent healing results. The efficacy of Photon Therapy has been well documented since its discovery in 1955. Key findings in a study published by NASA in 2001 stated that:


“LED produced in vitro increases of cell growth of 155-171% of normal human epithelial cells.”


“LED produced improvement of greater than 40% in musculoskeletal training injuries in Navy SEAL team members, and decreased wound healing time in crew members aboard a U.S. Naval submarine.”


“LED produced a 47% reduction in pain of children suffering from oral mucositis.”


Overall NASA Concluded:

“We believe that the use of NASA LED for light therapy alone, and in conjunction with hyperbaric oxygen, will greatly enhance the natural wound healing process, and more quickly return the patient to a preinjury/illness level of activity.” Read the Complete NASA Study. Photon Therapy is not new. The barrier to widespread use has been the lack of a device that is both powerful enough for fast results and affordable – until now.


The technology of the Firefly Light Therapy began many years ago, and has been brought to the forefront by Dr. Martin Bales

Martin Bales, L.Ac. DAOM Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine and Firefly Therapy Developer

 Martin grew up working alongside his father, Maurice, at Bales Scientific, Inc., who developed the first digital Infrared camera and the first Photonic Stimulator to be approved by the FDA.
The photo below is an infrared image of Martin at age 4 taken with the camera his father developed.

After graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Martin pursued another educational path and achieved a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Fusing both backgrounds, Martin formed Bales Photonics, Inc. developing the previous BioPhoton 100 and latest Firefly models which use different wavelengths of light and frequencies to promote healing. The latest custom designed LED chip increases the maximum output power from 8,900 mW to 37,700 mW (resulting in 4x the power!). This allows for much quicker treatment (reduced from 15 mins to 5 mins per area) and greater penetration depth within the body.


Martin’s vision is to bring light therapy to the masses via the availability of a powerful, effective, and affordable product line. At a time when sickness and disease are at epidemic levels, Firefly light therapy can help address a multitude of diseases from pain and dysfunction to possibly reversing cognitive decline, all without synthetic toxins. Firefly light therapy truly is part of the future of medicine.

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